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Show Awards

Conformation Show Awards

The information below lists the awards that can be given at one of our conformation dog shows.

Show Awards

ARBA offers the following classes to its exhibitors for both dogs and bitches

  • 3 to 6 month class
  • 6 to 9 month class
  • 9 to 15 month class
  • Bred By Exhibitor Class
  • American Bred Class Class
  • Open Class
  • Best Of Breed
  • Master Champion Class
  • Senior Master Champion Class

    All of the dogs in the 3 to 6 month - 6 to 9 month - 9 to 15 month - Bred By Exhibitor- American Bred and the Open class are placed 1st - 2nd - 3rd - and 4th place and are awarded 1st - 2nd - 3rd - and 4th place ribbons.

    Each dog is given a rating of one of the following: Excellent - Very Good - Good - Satisfactory.

    Only dogs that have been placed 1st place and given a rating of excellent will go on to compete for the Winners Dog or Winners Bitch award.

    Once all of the class male dogs have been judged, the judge will then call all the dogs that have won 1st place in their class and received an Excellent rating back into the ring for the Winners Dog and Reserve Winners competition. The same procedure will happen for the Winners Bitch competition.


  • Winners Dog
  • Reserve Winners Dog
  • Winners Bitch
  • Reserve Winners Bitch
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    Breed Awards

    Once the Winners Dog and the Winners Bitch has been awarded the Breed judging will commence. The competition is comprised of the Following:

    • ARBA Champion Dogs for the breed.
    • ARBA Champion bitches for the breed.
    • Winners Dog for the Breed
    • Winners Bitch for the breed


    • Best Of Breed
    • Best Of Winners (awarded only if there is competition between the Winners Dog and Winners Bitch)
    • Best Of Opposite (awarded only if there is a dog and a bitch in the competition)

     Group Awards

    Upon the completition of the Breed judging for a particular Group (i.e. Sporting Group) the group judging will commence

      Eligible Dogs
    • All Best Of Breed winners for their breed

    • Group One
    • Group Two
    • Group Three
    • Group Four

    Best In Show

    Upon completition of all of the Group judging the Best in Show judging will commence.

    All Group One Winners

    Best In Show
    Best In Show Runner-Up


    Best In Classic

    After all of the Best in Show judging has been completed the scores will be added up for the day to determine the Best In Classic Winner.


    All breeds entered in the Classic

    Best In Show = 10 points
    Best In Show Runner-Up = 7 points
    Group One = 5 points
    Group Two = 4 points
    Group Three = 3 points
    Group Four = 2 points!  


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