American Rare Breed Association!

About Us

Just a short Introduction

The American Rare Breed Association was brought to life in 1991, by Dr. John Louis Slack, Anita Bryant, and Betty Augustowski.  Many, many others throughtout the short life of the Association played very important roles that made the American rare Breed Association what is is today.  The American Rare Breed Association became known throughout the world affectionately as "ARBA"

What we do!

  • Host "Rare Breed" Conformation Dog Shows

  • Register Single "Rare Breed" Dogs

  • Register Litters for the "Rare Breed" Dog

  • Assist our Parent Brred Clubs for the "Rare Breed" Dog

  • Educate judges from various venues around the world about our "Rare Breeds"

  • Group Four

ARBA  started to provide conformation "Rare Breed" dog shows for dogs not recognized by the larger venues here in the United States in 1991.  While the breeds we recognized were recognized all over the world and in very small numbers in the United States, this is why they are called "Rare Breeds".  It was our mission to get these breeds recognized by the two largest dog organizations here in the United States.  To date we with a whole bunch of others have been able to get full recognition of 45 individual breeds. We continue to get other breeds recognized here in the states.

ARBA, has and continues good relationships with the Federation Cynologique Internationale the largest registry in the world.  We recognize new breeds and encourage the creation of new breeds.  However, we are not in favor of the so called designer breeds. Breeding dogs is a very serious undertaken.  ARBA uses judges from all over the world because breeds come from all over the world. 




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