American Rare Breed Association!


National & international

A membership with the American Rare Breed Association offers benefits such as lower entry fees, free online records for your dogs show career.  Most importantly it goes to help with the cost of maintaining our website.

Lower Entry Fees

As a member of the American Rare Breed Association your entry fees are lowered to a point where the cost of your membership is well offset with the lower entry fees.  If you have several dogs becoming a member is not a choice it is a must.  join today by clicking on the following link memberhip today.



The American Rere Breed Association offers National  memberships not only to our exhibitors but to dog fanciers from all walks of life.  These members are there to support the "Rare Breed Dog".  Dogs are an intercut part of many of millions of families and they require love attention and support.


The American Rare Breed Association offers International Memberships as well.  That membership works the same as the National membership and has all of the same benefits as the National memberships.  Both memberships start on the day you enroll and run for 365 days from that date.