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ARBA has been there for the "Rare Breed Dog" for the past 25 years.

The American Rare Breed Association from inception has been there for the "Rare Breed Dog" and its Owners.  We hvae assisted numerous breeds get acceptance from our largest kennel associations in the United States.  Our "Rare Breed Dogs" of yester years are no longer second class citizens in the United States.  We are proud of assisting within a drive for the recognition of our recognized breeds.

Single Dog Registration

ARBA offers Single Dog Registrations for breeds that we recognize.  Owners must provide ARBA with at least a 3 generation pedigree issued by a reputable kennel organization. For example, FCI, AKC, and UKC.

Litter Application

ARBA offers breeders and owners the opportunity to register their litters.  The Sire and Dam has to be registered with ARBA.  and must provide the registration numbers when submitting the application.


ARBA offers memberships for both USA and Foreign individuals.  The membership offers our exhibitors discounted event fees and exhibitors have the opportunity to view their dogs records online.


ARBA offers the exhibitor many levels of championships, both National and International.  ARBA offers championships for dogs as young a 3 months of age and througout the life span of their dog.


Our Pledge To Our Customers


ARBA's pledge to its customers is that they will always look for a way to courteous, helpful and respectful of the customers questions.  ARBA has strived over the years to be on the customers side.  ARBA has made great strides with respect to gaining recognition for over 45 breeds since 1991 and we will continue to seek recognition for our recognized breeds by all kennel clubs in the United States. 

Service Details

ARBA will issue a registration to a breed that it recognizes as long as it is provided with a mnimum 3 generation pedigree issued from a recognized kennel club that is either here in the United States or International!

ARBA will register your litter provided that the Sire and Dam are both registered with The American Rare Breed Association. You can complete the registration process by clicking on the following link!

ARBA offers membership for both National and International individuals! The membership starts the day you become a member ad runs for 365 days from the date you joined.

ARBA will place your picture on our website for the year if you order a show photograph at the show. You will recieve 2 8" x 10" Glossy photo's.

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