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25 years of providing conformation dog shows, and we’re still looking for ways to serve you




What's New

Here’s is our fully responsive calendar.  You can view our events, Suggest events,
Enter shows, and other neat things like
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Check out our calendar of events and enter a show.

Checkout the calendar and enter a show


Key Features

Here’s a short list of our favorites features, including Memberships, Registrations, Shows

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Best in Class Dog Shows

ARBA has been offering Rare Breed Conformation Dog shows since 1991.  We have borrowed the best show procedures from some of the best organizations from all over the world and added the most important ingredient "Treating the Exhibitor as a Person not a number"  We pride ourselves on paying attention to the needs of our exhibitors. 

Your Top 12 Features!

Fully Responsive

 Dog Shows

Specialty Sponsor

Customer Service

Litter Applications

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Single Dog Registrations


Entry Fees

Exhibitors, Judges and Dogs are our lifeline...

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Best in Class Support

Direct contact with the organization staff! Not just a support forum, but direct contact with the folks who are the worker bees of the organization.

Mobile Design

Not just ready for mobile, but designed for mobile phones and tablets.

the ARBA website is fully responsive, ready for mobile phones, tablets and desktops of any resolution.


The ARBA website is fully responsive and will scale itself to any mobile or tablet device.


ARBA's website will respond and adapt to various devices and screen resolutions.


Search your dogs show records and save on entry fees!

 and a little help for the organization's upkeep costs!

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Custom Services

Advertisement setup and content transfer. Ads made easy!

We'll do the grunt work, you take the credit.


Advertisement Setup

You can hire us to set up your advertisement, Company name, / update the images setup the text that is used for the ad.


Content Transfer

You can hire us to copy the content from an old ad on your old site into our site. Call us toll free at and we'll discuss the details and provide a quote.