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What is a Prague Ratter You Ask

You are about to learn about the smallest, smartest, healthiest, funniest and most adorable dogs in the world.  They are the healthiest because of the stringent breeding rules the Czech Federation's Prague Ratters Club insists on.  Dogs are not allowed to breed until they reach 15 months old.  When a litter is born, a breed advisor visits the litter within 6 to 8 weeks of age.  Any defects automatically disqualify the puppy for a pedigree.  If an owner wants to breed his dog, the dog has to be shown twice in dog shows with an acceptable showing, and then inspected by 3 breed advisors for conformation, personality, coat, etc. before they are allowed to have pedigreed puppies.  So one of the reasons I was drawn to this incredible breed is that I have lost dogs to cancer and other diseases here in the U. S. and Prague Ratters live for a long time with no health issues.  I tend to grieve too much for any of my pets.

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The Prague Ratter is the smallest dog in the world, and is extremely loving, intelligent (meaning they house train themselves) playful, agile and alert.  Unlike other small dogs, they love children and have absolutely no health issues.  They have the personality of a Labrador and are smarter and more in tuned with their owners than any other breed. They are NOT pocketbook dogs, they love to run and play and do agility.  Many men and women use them for therapy dogs due to their loving personalities and intelligence. 

A brief history tells us that they originated in the year 1000 and were owned by royalty.  They were given as gifts to other royalty. Due to the Russians invading Czechoslovakia, Prague Ratters were relatively unknown outside the country and just were accepted in the Rare Breed Association of America in 2016.


prague ratter puppiesCarolyn’s Precious Prague Ratters Kennel has imported 23 Czech Federation pedigreed Prague Ratters from the top breeding kennels in the Czech Republic.  Due to the importance of having gene diversity, the top breed advisor helped us pick out puppies throughout the country, and we traveled over 1,000 miles around the Czech Republic picking up our puppies.  Every Czech ‘litter gets examined by a breed advisor at the age of 6 to 8 weeks. If they find any defects, the puppy doesn’t receive a pedigree.  To be allowed to breed, each dog must be in 2 dog shows and get good ratings and then be examined by 3 experts to make sure the disposition, conformation, coat, etc. is acceptable.  Only then are they allowed to breed at 15 months of age.  This strict breeding practice explains why Prague Ratters do not have health issue

Our kennel has shipped all over the country, to Canada, and even Albania.  Many of the people that have bought our puppies have come back for another.  One of the Czech breeders told me that Prague Ratters are a legal addiction, and I totally agree with this.  They do well in apartments, and other types of housing.  They bring such joy and happiness to their owners.

Prague Ratters  are also extremely fun to be around and act like little monkeys.  They can climb trees, jump straight up and turn in the air, run, run, run, and always are more than ready to be the best cuddle buddies you could ever want.  My husband watches football with a bunch of them on his lap and they all take a nap, too cute!! prague ratter puppy

All puppies come with a health certificate and appropriate vaccinations and worming.  They can be returned if you are unable to keep them as long as they are in the same healthy condition as received.  Buyers are not allowed to sell or give away one of my puppies because I consider myself always responsible for their well being.   My gene pool is from the very best pedigreed breeders in the Czech Republic.  I have developed excellent personal relationships with eight of the best breeders and met with six of them this past summer as I traveled the Czech Republic picking  up puppies.  I have imported 13 from the last two years in addition to picking up the six this summer. 

If you have researched this breed, you know that European royalty owned them in the year 1000.  The breed standard is 2 to 6 pounds.  My concern is always what is best for my pack, so mine always have access to food.  I have no desire to breed the smallest, only the happiest and healthiest.  You might have read that they housetrain themselves.  I found that hard to believe until I started having litters.  From the first time they step outside, they go poopy and potty.  I couldn't believe it!  I started taking pictures so that people would believe me. 

One of the Czech breeders told me that Prague Ratters are a legal addiction, Boy, is that right.  I love being a caregiver for my pets, but I do not enjoy selling my babies.   I'm afraid I think that no one can take as good care of them as I do.  I know this is wrong of me, but my family will tell you how strict I am about this. 

By the way, I used to breed Yorkies and thought they were the best, but they did require a lot of grooming.  Prague Ratters can get by with a damp washcloth most of the time.  Also, no shedding. 

 Prague Ratter Puppies