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ARBA announces its new Senior Master Championship today in Cheltenham.
Maryland. In order to earn this championship your dog must already be a Master Champion and your dog
must earn four group ones over the year..




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Kennel Club USA has officially opened
its doors today. Visit us at our website
http://www.kennelclubusa.com or give
us a call at (301) 868-8284.  




New Entry Page

The American Rare Breed Association
has a new membership and show entry
page.  Click on the following URL to
sign-up for membership and to enter one
of our shows. http://arba.memberlodge.org



American Rare Breed Association Top Ten Dogs 2012

ARBA's Number 1 Dog
Miniature Australian Shepherd
Owners:  Pam & Dan Bender  
ARBA's Number 2 Dog
Olde English Bulldogge
Owner:  Andrea Denny
ARBA's Number 3 Dog
Russian Bolanka
Owner:  Candace Mogavero
ARBA's Number 4 Dog
Cane Corso
Owners: Carla & Michael Ghilardi
ARBA's Number 5 Dog
Olde English Bulldogge
Owner: Marion & Jason Knott
ARBA's Number 6 Dog
Coton De Tulear
Handler:  Dennis Presley
ARBA's Number 7 Dog
American Hairless Terrier
ARBA Ch. WMK's That New Gift
Owner's: Walter Pasko Jr & Karyn Pinge
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Number 7 Dog
ARBA's Number 8 Dog
Shiloh Shepherd
Owners: Ellen Brenner
ARBA's Number 9 Dog
Biewer Terrier
Owner: William Henry
We are going to have our 2 shows at the Purina Farms New Building
It would be a great site for your specialty
Call Bob at 301-868-5718
ARBA's Number 10 Dog
Russian Tsvetnaya Bolonka
ARBA Ch. Dmitri Of My Darling Dogs
Owner:  Debra Buse
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Number 10 Dog
The New Kennel Club
On The Block

The Key to success



We want to inform you of our ne Kennel Club for over 330 breeds from around the world.  Please visit our sister organization Kennel Club USA at http://www.kennelclubusa.com  Please inform your friends and puppy buyers that we are happy to assist them with thier dogs conformation show needs.  Call us at 301-868-8284



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